Sunday, November 1, 2009


This is a 10 year old charcoal drawing I made after a photograph of a child taken by an artist.

The artist went travelling and making photographs of children in refugees camps, and some of the pictures were really astonishing. This one captured my heart and so I did a drawing and since then it has been living in my living room.

We call her Maria or Mary, the eternal mother, but others may called her Isis or Sophia. Surprisingly or not, (I have a tendency of projecting myself to my art...), the drawing ressembles my features- if you see the original picture the girl looks younger and rounder- and some people often assume is a self-portrait. I am at awe at the possibility of me ressembling her in some aspect, and i think continuously on how to attain some of the qualities of the Madonna. Because I fall short all the times, the drawing in the wall seems to forgive me and keep encouraging me to the ideal.

It is very important what we see in our walls, and in our house, our home, as a reflection of what we may see in our minds, our hearts.

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