Thursday, January 14, 2010

Three Kings and Children's Observations

After the break of the holidays we are back on our Thursdays mornings. We are doing a play of the Three Kings for small children, and every week the children can take a different role from the one taken in the last performance, and we will do so until the week of February the 2nd.

After the play and a light snack, the mothers take time to do an exercise of observation of children, following the guidelines from waldorf teacher's training.

Observation is a very special task, which can represent significant changes in the relationship with your children, and help you understand them in another light. It is an exercise that strengthen the spiritual bonds between the angels and us, and allow us to discover the child that is in front of us and the needs that the child might have. As a powerful tool in teaching and parenting, I give a special attention to it and take care of the exercise in a delicate, gentle and honoring way.

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