Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We bought these little miniature dolls, ressembling the characters of the "Little house on the prairie". I loved the series of books for many reasons but one of them is the homemaking ability of the parents. In those days the community or soul group was very engaged in raising families, but those first settlers displayed the signs of independence and freedom from the village, and thus paved our way for the task of homemaking today.

Veronika Van Duin ( in her book Homemaking and Personal Development) stresses the importance of the choice of homemaking as being a very crucial one, and I can experience the shift that happens whenever I am tired or burdened by housework and think about this job of mine being a choice, immediately the tasks at hands lighten up.

These last weeks many people are asking what is my profession, to whom I answer: I am a homemaker. Just pondering about the meaning of these words is amazing, the fact that we can create as humans, that home is not about the house itself but about a supersensible reality that we weave continuously, homemaking equals us with a spiritual creator.

in Catalan, my native language, the homemakers are called "Mestressa de casa", which is to say the master of the house, but also has the same root as the teacher, so to be the boss and the teacher, the one who has authority per se and not by force.

Yet in Spanish you would say "Ama de casa", which beyond the meaning of being the boss of the house it has also far reaching consequences, because "Ama" has the same root as love, so being the one who loves the house, then becomes its owner.

Just pondering about what the names call forth for me is enough to set me free and gay in my homemaking roles; nowadays, to be a homemaker, is a free decision, freedom in choice which is much uplifting in itself alone, and in exploring what the job really is about i can´t but be amazed and thankful for the special chance i am given.
Another fact that I can see derived from the ones above, is that homemaking is a full-time job. It is very difficult for me to be out in the world doing other things and then come back home and pick up my homemaking job; it is as if the weaving would have been interrupted, and like a spider web, it would have collapsed and then I have to start again the thread from the beginning: the children are more rebellious, the rythm of the tasks is lost, the air itself seems crispier and charged, etc....
That does not mean that I am a slave at homemaking without any outlets for my personal welfare, but rather that my personal welfare has to include the homemaking calling, and not try to break with it, so I am a slave, but again, by choice. I do not know how the people who work part-time can juggle with both tasks, I admire you if you are doing so, but I think for me the stress that would bring is not justifiable.

PS: If you have any recommendations of books like the little house on the prairie, and if you have the meaning of homemaker in another language, please let me know. raquelgeiger@hotmail.com

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