Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sweet Spring Gift

We are still in snow season here, but we had a surprising gift of spring weather for a week, the children have delighted in playing outside and wearing summer clothes.
This reminds me of how to await for gifts, and to expect the unexpected sometimes, because if not i am set on my fixed routines, and on what i think it will happen next. This also extends on how we look at the world, because even though we all look through our own colored glasses, we can also take them out and try to see what the other person really is or is really saying.
With my children I have developed over the years a sense of who they are, and that is good, but also it gives them no free space to give another picture of themselves. I was lucky the other day to peek through the door seeing my five year old daughter in a class situation without me, and it was amazing to discover this other side of her, more in charge of the situation, and more sassy! I think my thinking of her as the middle one, and the sweet and innocent one, is right as far as she is playing within our family dynamics, outside of it, she is displaying other traits.
I could use this gift of spring in our town to consider other points of view from the ones I am standing usually, and breaking the routines or our weather expectations can bring great discoveries and amazement,

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  1. We have had unseasonably warm weather here as well. What a joy it is to have a swim in April!

    Thank you for sharing your reflections on your daughter, I'm going to think tonight about how I perceive my children.

    Sarah (sajalu)