Friday, May 14, 2010

Saint John

We have decided on a party and story for Saint John. We will do a puppet play of the Seven Ravens story, by Grimm, and a celebration afterwards with fire outdoors and a traditional dessert.
This story seems very important to us, and forgive me all those who know the meaning of it by a book, I may be wrong, but I think that it is a story of the opposite that is happening by the summer solstice.
By Saint John, the forces of nature are in their strongest state, and our healthier bodies give also proof of that, is a time though for our consciousness to sleep, and be more under the dreamy summer.
On the other hand the story reflects the journey of the consciouness ( daughter) regaining the mastering of the different bodies or fields, (finding the lost brothers).
It is then an opposite story and I think this is appropiate as a counterpart, to what is going on.
We will meet consecutive Thursday mornings to do some preparation of the puppet play, we intend on doing clay one morning for plates, cups and the well, and felt another day for the ravens, and the children will help with this.

On Saint John's eve then we will perform the play and have friends over to share this special time of the year.
call us if you are interested in coming! we welcome guests! 608 637 8446

Sunday, May 9, 2010


We recently found a little book of Hymns, that follows the year and has, besides the music and the explanation of the author and when he wrote it, a painting in the next page with a story about it too. I love these special books, and in this occasion we made a commitment to learn all the songs of the book throughout the next year.

I am not very good at reading music, so this would be the perfect scenario for me, to practice the piano following the melody and thus teach my children the song and some piano along the side.

We are finishing this year's lessons and looking at all that we managed to accomplish; immediately after these considerations new horizons appear to our sight, as to what to do for the next year.

We will have a party in two weeks, family and friends are coming to visit, and we will dedicate time to review the year's work, the main lessons books, etc.. besides that, Pentecost Sunday will be there too, and we will take the festivity to celebrate also our family and the Holy Spirit.

We have been meeting on Thursdays for watercolor with another family, and we are thinking what is what we will do in the weeks of June, leading to Saint John.

I think we will continue to have school in summertime, just a little in the morning, I am very happy at the rhythm established during the year, and I think about the joy of continuing with this first setting in the morning, in our schoolroom, where we sing a song, verse, and do some work. I will probably dedicate this time for reinforcing form drawing, as is the subject that my daughter and I need most!!! after that I am planning on spending plenty of time outdoor, taking care of our yard and small garden, and once a week we are going to a forest nearby, now that the homeschool co-op is over, for a picnic day and refreshing adventures.

A friend of mine yesterday reminded me of how lucky I was, she is an old friend of mine and I used to live in her patio upstairs from her appartment, this was in my bohemian days. She told me : "You are living your dream"!. I was surprised, am I? I asked myself. Pondering about it I realized that many times I am not grateful of what it is that we are living, and it takes a friend from across the ocean to take the blindness of my eyes. Thank you Monica!

Blessings to all of you in this last part of the school-year.