Monday, June 28, 2010


We are very happy that we are starting to form a group with other homeschoolers, going out in nature and learning about plants and life in a very lively way. we will do some biodynamic preparations with the group, following the lead of nearby biodynamic farmers whom we like a lot.

The name of the group is still to decide but, somehow it will reflect the picture book of The Children of the Forest.

Call us of you want to know more details about it, we will be blessed to have you on board for the adventures.

It is almost one year since we started and we are joyful of what have happened.

we are also planning for the next year, and besides the ongoing celebration of festivals, with puppets shows, potlucks and songs, we are thinking about a workshop on the temperaments, how to recognize them in you and in your children.

Besides that we are open to ideas on nurturing families in all levels, we are intending on a group for marriage building, and another group of gatherings for homemaking in general, with some talks by specialists in the area ( the first one we are considering is one about discipline and child development).

Call us if you would like to have something offered or have ideas to share. 608 637 8446

Joyful summer!!!!